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le loup est au rdv

The moon is so chic. Great new update with fantastic infos and classy killer icon. Well done !

Works as described

Update for version 1.01- can see other years but greyed out and cant select, just keeps rolling back to selectable dates - bug? Nice, uncomplicated app for finding moon phases in the past, present and future. Just add a volume control for the Touch, maybe add phases back to the 1600s or 1700s and its a perfect app. Love the "werewolf warning" - very cute!

Cool App for only 99cents!!!

This is a great app for the price. Works as described. Clean well designed with clear moon photos. Found out I was born on a full moon back in the fifties!!! Date goes back to 1900 so was not able to tell my parents what moon they were born under. ; ) Over all an amusing little app for those times you just need to know when the next full moon is coming. Werewolf warning is cool also.

Nice and cute

Suggestions for making this app even better: -use a Swiss cheese for the moon instead of blue cheese, the cheese looks more like granite at the present -major cities should be included in the locating section, as not everyone can figure out longitude/laditude :0)

Handy for hearing big noises at night

Around the full moon, everything goes strange. In January, I heard a big crash at 23:58 and on the night after the snow moon (the eve of February 9) it happened at 22:06 and made stuff go weird the next day! Is that what the "werewolf warning" is all about? Cool, Ill probably hear the next crash on the eve of March 10 or 11.

Great App, only 1 thing missing

I wanted an app that showed me the dates of different moon phases, as calendars dont seem to do that any more - well, I got all that and more! You can put in *any* date and get moon info - not just phase but what sign its in, degree, etc. The only thing missing, that Id like, is an at-a-glance overview of the coming month, like Phases gives. If theyd add that on this would be perfect - as it is you need both apps.

Good Basic App

I like this App alot because it is simple and straightforward and pretty much gives me the info that I am looking for when I need it. I love that it give the astrological position of the moon but would like to see the Degree that it is in the sign or at least the dates of entry and exit for each sign ... that would be great information to have on the first info flip page.


My girl gets a little crazy around full & half moons, this app is perfect to helpe stay ahead of the curve!


More than perfect, acurate and easy to use.

Awesome app

Crazy stuff happens when there is a full moon! This lets you know when that is happening. Good updates as well

Gorgeous app!!

Now I know why I have been feeling crazy the last couple of days...full moon tomorrow. Now, maybe I can plan ahead to ward off the insanity. I just want to apologize to my family. LOL. But seriously, beautiful graphics and nice info. (eg. Names of moons from many cultures) This is my favourite "fun" app so far. I am not a gamer. :)

Informative, intelligent

First-class app!

Gives me everything I need!

If you are curious about the moon phases and detailed info, this is the app for you!

Simply the best moon app out there!

Everything you need presented in an intuitive, user-friendly way.

Pretty Good

The app would be great if the moon information data included % of full moon.

I love this simple app!

Where is the moon? When will it rise? Whats the current moon phase? A simple, elegant app that has all the information I want in an easy-to-use but well-designed layout. Thank you!

Very nicely done.

Not sure why anyone needs to know the % of full moon, never heard of that before. This app has it all and it works. Great work!

Use it all the time!

I use this app to view current and future sunrise/sunset info all the time! Also great for information about the moon. Appreciate that we can now save multiple locations. Have used this app for several years, and it has long-passed the "keep or delete" test. Watching the time the sun rises and sets might be a bit nerdy, but it helps me get through the long, dark, northern winter nights, counting down the weeks to brighter days! :-)

Moon phase

Like it very much

Did everything I wanted it to

And more. Tons of options such as what the moon phases are called and all of that.

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