MoonPhase - moon info App Reviews

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Not for Astronomers

The doesnt have the same features the pictures in the ad have.

the best

my favorite science app, information dense and easy to navigate. the only downside is that they havent updated the UI since iPhone 4!

Did everything I wanted it to

And more. Tons of options such as what the moon phases are called and all of that.

Felt the need to give the love!

Have had this app forever! Excellent moon phase app. I really love the werewolf howl at the time of the full moon! So much to love. You must get it!

Needs watch support

Ive had this for years. I initially could add it to my Apple Watch as a complication, but now it doesnt work.


Times are wrong. I almost missed the 2025 Bloodmoon lunar eclipse.

Good app

Good app, always been happy with it & always works when I use it. Please give us an update

Why does it need always on location data?


Yes! Finally!

Finally a worthwhile Moon app! Has all the info you need and more. Worth the cost.


The best app I have ever purchased!

Simply wonderful

I actually love the UI on this one. Its simple, easy to read and navigate and gets the job done. The moon phases come in handy and is very educational!


I especially like the month view. Simple and attractive.

Great app!

Very detailed and accurate. Great for fishing with use of the moon transit times. Fun too with the whimsical cheese view and the wolf howl.

Simple, easy, relatable

Accurate info on not only the moons phase on any given date, but also give info on moon & sun rise & set, and a lot of extras. Great, simple app.

Simple, clean, easy, excellent.

This is an excellent app for finding the phase of a moon for a given date. This app displays an entire calendar month with images of the moon phase for each day. Navigation is easy, set up is easy, finding moon phases is simple, direct, visual, intuitive, and fast. Great app!

Love this app

Ive had a version of this app for since…forever. And by forever I mean since it was the only one out there. Worth the cost.


I love this app. It is accurate and has a well-designed user interface. It packs a great deal of information into a tiny space without making it feel cramped - well done!


Update to fit iPod 5th gen!

Elegantly Simple

Love this app. Simple and straightforward. Easy for me to use. Thanks!

Use it all the time!

I use this app to view current and future sunrise/sunset info all the time! Also great for information about the moon. Appreciate that we can now save multiple locations. Have used this app for several years, and it has long-passed the "keep or delete" test. Watching the time the sun rises and sets might be a bit nerdy, but it helps me get through the long, dark, northern winter nights, counting down the weeks to brighter days! :-)

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